What’s All the Fuzz About Deer Antler Velvet?

The newest craze to hit the fitness industry is actually a product which has been used for centuries, amongst many people groups, to increase stamina and endurance.deer antler velvet

So what is all the fuss about this fuzz?

Deer antler velvet helps to produce strong, lean muscles and repair injuries quickly.

The Facts about Antler Velvet from Deer

Every year, deer shed and grow new antlers in a naturally rapid cycle. This cycle is so fast due to the presence of a growth hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 is most abundant during the stage where the deer’s antlers are covered in soft velvet, prior to their calcification.

This pre-calcified state usually occurs during the summer, which is the perfect time for velvet harvesting.

The velvet can only be harvested by a veterinarian or in the presence of a veterinarian, to ensure the comfort and welfare of the deer while it is anaesthetised.

The amount of IGF-1 present in the antler velvet differs from deer to deer, depending on its age, the time of harvesting within the antler growth cycle, and the deer’s diet.

How Deer Antler Velvet Can Help You Perform Better

Since the velvet contains IGF-1, it is very useful in repairing muscle and cartilage damage. This is particularly helpful for athletes who are suffering from injuries.

Antler velvet can be very beneficial for injured athletes for speeding up the injury recovery process.

Professional athletes will be glad to know that the World Anti-Doping Agency recently removed antler velvet from its prohibited substances list.

The growth hormone contained in the velvet not only helps to heal injuries but also promotes lean muscle growth, strength and endurance.

Many fitness fanatics who use this product find that their energy levels are increased even after a hard session at the gym.

How You Can Experience a Better Sex Life

Antler velvet has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries (some believe as many as 2000 years) as a performance enhancer and natural aphrodisiac.

The velvet boosts testosterone and oxygen distribution in the blood, which, in turn, increases the libido, fertility and virility.

Who would have thought that the things sticking out of a deer’s head could help you experience more pleasure in bed?

Safety First With All Natural Supplements

As with all natural supplements, it’s important to find high quality products from trustworthy brands.

Do your homework and look for products which have numerous positive testimonials from real people who have really tried the product.

Products with a money back guarantee are usually more credible, too.

If you are taking any other medication or have any concerns about the supplements and any side effects you may suffer from, always consult your doctor.

It is especially important to follow the dosage recommendations on the label of deer antler velvet products as it is possible to overdose which may result in metabolism problems and/or stiffened tendons which are more prone to injury.

For optimum performance enhancement and muscle growth, take this product under the guidance of your doctor.